Native Plants- Heirloom Vegetables- Naturalized Landscapes

About Us

Northern Wildflowers is a small family business in Sudbury Ontario. Our mission is to provide Sudburians the tools to do their part in continuing to regreen the Sudbury landscape, starting in their very ownbackyards.


We currently sell over 200 species of native plants, heirloom vegetables and seeds. All of our plants are non-GMO, open pollinated and ethically collected from local seed sources. We do not use any chemicals on our products whatsoever.

For those looking to attract more wildlife to their property, or repel unwanted wildlife, we also offer naturalized landscape consulting.


Northern Wildflowers was founded in 2012. It all started as an experiment in growing native plants that would thrive in Northern Ontario gardens. In 2015, we expanded to include the sale of heirloom vegetable seed and a new emphasis on edible native plants. We now offer custom wild seed collection services for commercial growers and naturalized landscape consulting both on a commercial and residential basis. We also retail heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds and additional native seed varieties on behalf of great growers like The Cottage Gardener and Wildflower Farm.